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Reorganization and Development Finance
– More Than 170 Endorsers Agree: Effectiveness Principles Should Guide Foreign Aid Reform
– Guiding Principles for Effective U.S. Assistance
MFAN Co-Chairs – Discussion Draft: A New Foreign Aid Architecture Fit for Purpose
MFAN Co-Chairs: Redesign Consensus – A Plan for U.S. Assistance
– Make Aid Go Further: A Brief for Congress and the President
– Deliver More with U.S. Development Cooperation: A Proposal for the Next President

Strategic Transitions
More Than 100 Endorsers Agree: These Principles Should Guide Country Transitions from Aid to Partnership
Principles for Strategic Transitions from Development Aid
– From Aid to Partnership: Lessons learned from Costa Rica
– From Aid to Partnership: Lessons learned from Panama

Country Ownership
– Principles of Public Sector Domestic Resource Mobilization in Developing Countries
Investing in Self-Reliance: Domestic Resource Mobilization infographic
– Metrics for Implementing Country Ownership

– Aid Effectiveness: The Role of Transparency
– MFAN & The Lugar Center – From Evidence to Learning: Recommendations to Improve U.S. Foreign Assistance Evaluation
– Why Do We Need Foreign Assistance Evaluations?
Improving Aid Data: Recommendations to Consolidate Foreign Aid Dashboards (and detailed analysis)

Introduction to Aid Reform
What is Effective Foreign Assistance
– Charting the Course: A Bipartisan Legacy of Modernizing Foreign Assistance 
– Aid Matters Fact Sheet
– Pillars of Effective U.S. Assistance: Recommendations for Accountability & Ownership
– The Way Forward: A Reform Agenda for 2014 and Beyond


From the Archives
– Modernizing U.S. Foreign Assistance: Principles for 2016 Campaigns
– ACCOUNTdown to 2017: Progress Report Summer 2015 – Winter 2016
– Charting the Course: A Bipartisan Legacy of Modernizing Foreign Assistance (2003 – 2015)
– ACCOUNTdown to 2017: Strengthening a Bipartisan Legacy of Modernizing Foreign Assistance
– Open Letter to the President: Nominate a Permanent USAID Administrator
– Dear U.S. Senate: Confirm Gayle Smith as USAID Administrator
– More Than 200 Endorsers Agree: Mr. President, Foreign Aid Reform is Within Reach
– Why Reform Matters in Today’s Budget Landscape
– Key Benchmarks for Effectively Implementing the President’s Development Policy
– From Policy to Practice: Maximizing the Impact and Accountability of U.S. Global Development Efforts
– An Open Letter on the Importance of Foreign Assistance Reform
Catalyzing Country Ownership: Implementation and Procurement Reform
– A New Approach for U.S. Assistance in a Changing Middle East
– Building a Modern Approach: Second Term Priorities for Global Development
– New Day, New Way: U.S Foreign Assistance for the 21st Century
– Standards for Global Development Legislation in the 112th Congress: Advancing the Foreign Assistance Reform Agenda