MFAN Thanks George Ingram for Years of Dedication and Expertise

October 3, 2019 (WASHINGTON) – This statement is delivered on behalf of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network (MFAN) by Co-Chairs Lester Munson and Tessie San Martin.

The Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network would like to thank outgoing Co-Chair George Ingram for nearly ten years of MFAN leadership and his steadfast commitment to American leadership in global development.

George has been a highly respected and thoughtful voice in U.S. global development policy debates for over 40 years and has brought this experience and expertise to MFAN’s work. Ingram spent more than twenty years with House Committee on Foreign Affairs, served as Vice president of Citizens Democracy Corps, and was Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator of the Agency for International Development. He is a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and currently serves on the boards of the Eurasia Foundation, the Executive Council on Diplomacy, the Dockery Farm Foundation, and Friends of Publish What You Fund. He also serves as chair emeritus of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition.

George Ingram’s impressive career has made him an asset to the global development community, and his contributions have been invaluable. George led the Hamilton-Gilman Task Force, an important congressional foreign aid reform effort that impacted thinking and legislative action over many years. He helped shape the emerging post-Cold War U.S. aid policy for Eastern Europe and the former Soviet states, and supported MFAN policy successes such as passage of the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act.

“It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with George as a Co-Chair of MFAN. The thoughtfulness and commitment with which he approaches his work sets the highest standards for the rest of us. His institutional knowledge and historical perspective are without peer, but his sense of humor and humanity are his best qualities.  We will all miss him being so directly involved in the daily activities of MFAN,” said Lester Munson, MFAN Co-Chair and Principal at BGR Group.

“The Co-Chair role in a coalition like MFAN is both energizing and challenging. It requires substance, diplomacy, and teamwork. George has been a great partner throughout. I’ve become a better Co-Chair – and MFAN a better coalition – as a result of his leadership,” said Tessie San Martin, MFAN Co-Chair and President & CEO of Plan International USA.

“This coalition would not be the same without the influence of George Ingram. From his dedication to our operations, our staff, and our publications, to the careful consideration and precision that George puts into policy issues, MFAN can thank George for much of its success over the years,” said Conor Savoy, MFAN Executive Director.

“George’s vision in the creation of MFAN gave many of us in the field a sense of optimism…. that a group with George’s leadership was forming to elevate the importance of aid effectiveness.  MFAN has come a long way and even though I am no longer with USAID, I value it and George even more!” said Susan Reichle, Chief Executive Officer of the International Youth Foundation.

“George Ingram has made an enormous difference in the world of international development and foreign policy.  As a leader thinker – and doer – he has lent his talents to MFAN for many years and I was honored to serve as a Co-Chair with him.  I know he will continue to make a difference for the world’s most left behind in all he does.  Thanks George!” said Carolyn Miles, Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children.

“George is one of the rarest of professionals in DC – someone who takes his work seriously but not himself.  His deep experience, his dedication to improving development outcomes, his constant drive to learn, and his ability to drive consensus is unmatched. We are all grateful for his enormous contribution as an MFAN Co-Chair and very happy he will continue to be active in MFAN’s work,” said Sally P. Paxton, U.S. Representative of Publish What You Fund.

“George’s vision, good will, persistence and sense of humor have made him central to the global development community and numerous initiatives that have made the world a better place,” said Justin Fugle, Head of Policy at Plan International USA.

“George is one of those figures in Washington who can find ways to frame and lead reforms in ways that all sides can agree upon.  Perhaps it’s because he always did the work both conceptually and with people to make changes real.  We will miss him hugely in this role,” said Paul O’Brien, Vice President for Policy and Advocacy at Oxfam America.

“MFAN has been extraordinarily fortunate to have George’s leadership these past few years.  His extensive experience on Capitol Hill coupled with his commitment to innovative and inclusive development have been invaluable to MFAN establishing and maintaining credibility with multiple stakeholders.  I am also grateful for the ease with which he works with both sides of the aisle.  George – thanks for a job well done!” said Rob Mosbacher, former CEO of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

“It has been my true honor and pleasure to serve under the leadership of George Ingram during his tenure as a Co-Chair of MFAN.  His vision and pragmatism in working to achieve greater impact and effectiveness of U.S. foreign assistance have served our country and its development partners well.  George has exhibited a hands-on willingness to work hard and participate in every facet of our coalition’s work and has been a true partner throughout. I am grateful for his time and dedication over these past years,” said Lori Groves Rowley, Director of Global Food Security and Aid Effectiveness Programs at The Lugar Center.

“For over four decades, George has been a powerful voice and leader within the global development community and during his public service. I am proud to call George a mentor, a colleague, and a friend,” said Larry Nowels, incoming MFAN Co-Chair.

“Having had the honor of working with George for 25 years, I have witnessed the power of his graceful and talented leadership. But it is his impact at the helm of MFAN that is simply unmatched, driving to ensure effective aid that delivers for the American people. Lucky for us, George keeps failing at retirement!” said Liz Schrayer, President and CEO, U.S. Global Leadership Coalition.

MFAN thanks George for his dedication and is pleased that he will remain an active member of the network’s Executive Committee.


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