MFAN Co-Chair Featured in NY Times “Room for Debate”

Do YOU think we can afford to cut foreign aid?

The New York Times “Room for Debate,” the premier forum that invites experts to debate timely issues, poses that question to four respondents this week in “Can’t Afford Aid, or Can’t Afford to Cut It?” MFAN Co-Chair David Beckmann is one of the featured respondents.

As part of the MFAN network, we want you to leave a comment on Beckmann’s page here in support of his argument and the notion that cutting foreign aid is not the solution to our fiscal problems. Share this link on Facebook and Twitter with your networks to amplify your support. You can also join Room for Debate on Facebook and follow updates on

Beckmann, President of Bread for the World, writes, “Whether we like it or not, whether we have serious economic problems in our country or not, our fate is inexorably tied to the fate of poor peoples around the world.”

Ambassador Mark Green is also featured, making an articulate case that outlines why foreign assistance is critical to our economic security and opportunity.

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