OECD Coverage Kicks Off

Today, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) kicked off its 50th Anniversary Forum with the release of the Your Better Life Index. This new, interactive index will help individuals across 34 countries compare well-being and progress by measuring things like income, community, education, health, and safety. The index is part of the OECD’s Better Life initiative. OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría noted, “This index encapsulates the OECD at 50, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and understanding in a pioneering and innovative manner. People around the world have wanted to go beyond GDP for some time. This index is designed for them. It has extraordinary potential to help us deliver better policies for better lives.” See a video describing the Better Life Index below:

During the opening plenary session today, Gurría began to unveil the OECD’s thinking on development saying the OECD is “going beyond aid,” later adding that recent events across the globe have made this a “big bang” moment for development. For more on the opening session, see the OECD’s official recap here.

A second session, “Exiting from the Crisis: Models for More Equitable and Sustainable Growth,” outlined findings from a report put together by a task force of international labor organizations. The task force looked at policy mistakes that led to the recent financial crisis. While the report is focused on addressing labor market problems, there is a lot of new thinking that the panelists discussed for how to create sustainable growth, which can be applied to development work. Read the recap here.

Stay tuned for our coverage of Secretary Clinton’s speech at the Ministerial meeting tomorrow.


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