Budget Poetry

See below for a smart, witty poem from the Stimson Center’s Rebecca Williams.

Austerity Lite: A Poem

Rebecca Williams

The House CR passed a few days ago,

it cut federal spending and did so with gusto.

House Republicans had promised no out-of-control spending,
and cut State/AID’s budget, leaving Hillary trembling.
Foreign aid supporters say these cuts are Draconian
others argue it’s the will of the people– sooo Jeffersonian.

The White House says diplomacy and foreign aid
should be part of the ‘national security’ spending blockaid.
House Republicans argue no such distinction,
and reduced State/AID’s budget to the point of extinction.

Senate Democrats think such cuts are unrealistic,
arguing humanitarian and foreign aid are not just altruistic.
But who among them will stand up and fight,
or will Lindsay Graham become State/AID’s white knight?

Senator Rand Paul says foreign aid is for jokers,
while Defense Secretary Gates says it’s cheaper than soldiers.
The House promised to push spending back to 2008,
making some NGO’s wonder is reform here too late?

You see, the federal government spends more than it makes,
Americans should worry about the future at stake.
Deficits are high and difficult to fix–
at just one percent, State/AID budget offers few tricks.

Entitlements, taxes, defense spending too,
these must be considered, Hey!  I’m talking to you!
Fiscal reform is tough and cutting isn’t simple
especially when it’s your program, oh isn’t that dismal!

Bipartisanship is tricky, a tight-rope it’s true,
it’s starting to feel like 1985– deja vu.
Both sides must listen, take note, be humble.
Americans expect more than this one-sided jumble.

Moving forward, consider all that’s at stake,
it’s time to be brave and leave nothing to fate.
Congress will conference, and decide what to keep–
let’s hope they look beyond the typical black sheep.

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