MFAN Partner Launches USAID Monitor

Today, MFAN Partner the Center for Global Development launched the USAID Monitor. This new initiative will include research andUSAID Monitor analysis aimed at monitoring the implementation of key reforms, including the Presidential Policy Directive and the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review—as they relate to the administration’s pledge to establish USAID as the world’s premier development agency. Like its sister the MCA monitor, CGD writes:

“The Monitor will focus on aid effectiveness, transparency, and the efficient use of federal funds to support U.S. foreign policy. It will track new initiatives begun by Administrator Shah as embodied in USAID Forward. It will pay special attention to the agency’s new approach to evidence-based policy and planning and will monitor congressional activities that affect its authorities and capacity to achieve development objectives.”

“With the increasing number of government agencies administering some type of foreign assistance, and the State Department’s adoption of a “whole-of-government” approach to development, the Monitor will scrutinize the role the agency plays in new White House initiatives such as Feed the Future, the Global Health Initiative, and the Global Climate Change Initiative.”

Be sure to check back for updates from CGD and stay tuned for MFAN’s benchmarks for reform.

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