In UK, Development Key to Promoting National Security

Devex reported today that “the U.K. government’s new national security strategy goes beyond military efforts to counter threats of instability. It also recognizes the contribution of British development projects in promoting national security.”

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According to Britain’s NSS, they plan to  “use all the instruments of national power to prevent conflict and avert threats beyond our shores: our Embassies and High Commissions worldwide, our international development programme, our intelligence services, our defence diplomacy and our cultural assets,” which was unveiled today by Prime Minister Cameron.

“[W]e will build alliances that make hostile acts against us more risky to their perpetrators … we will promote development and combat poverty to reduce the causes of potential hostility. In many cases, we aim to tackle problems at root overseas, to reduce the likelihood of risks turning into actual attacks on us at home.”

In addition to the unveiling of the new national security strategy, Cameron will be announcing that the U.K. intends to double its development aid for conflict-afflicted countries.

“The announcement will put aid at the heart of the U.K.’s efforts to tackle national security threats, the Financial Times has noted.

Meanwhile, a leading non-governmental organization in the the U.K. has warned that such move would put more humanitarian aid workers at risk.”

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