Thomas Nides to State?

Thomas NidesThe latest in a string of suspects to replace Deputy Secretary Jack Lew is Thomas Nides, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Administrative Officer of Morgan Stanley, Washington Post’s Al Kamen and Politico’s Laura Rozen reported this week. Nides is on the short list of Wall Street executives because of close ties formed while working for the Clinton Administration and on Capitol Hill.

From Kamen’s story: “Nides, 49, has moved in and out of Democratic politics and the financial world since 1984. He worked for former House speaker Tom Foley, then as chief of staff to former U.S. trade representative Mickey Kantor in the Clinton administration before moving to Fannie Mae. He managed the 2000 vice presidential campaign of Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.), then worked for Credit Suisse First Boston and Burson-Marsteller before heading to Morgan Stanley in 2005.”

Nides’ relationship to John Mack—first at Credit Suisse—allowed him to serve as chief of staff to Mack, directing him through the financial crisis.  Nides is also chairman of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, a lobbying group for securities firms, banks and asset managers, though his term is up this year.

Though Nides has met with officials to discuss the position, no firm decisions have been made.  Does Nides’ experience make him suited to fill Lew’s shoes as Deputy Secretary for Management and Resources at State?  Let us know what you think below.

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