MFAN Partner Looks at New U.S. MDG Strategy

Last week, USAID released a revised version of its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Strategy.  In a blog post on the ONE blog MFAN Principal Larry Nowels highlights what’s new in this updated strategy, the first draft of which was released in early August.

Nowels writes, “Most notably, the updated document says that the U.S. now has an official development policy, which “sets out the strategic objectives and the core approach to development for this administration.” The policy– which would be the first for the US government – is one that many in the development community have been waiting for since the President Obama took office, and especially since his administration launched two reviews of US development policy (through the Presidential Study Directive and the State Department’s Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review), the results of which have been delayed for several months.”

The new document emphasizes that successful and sustainable development outcomes will be based on economic growth, good governance, innovation, and effective capacity-building, as well as overall transparency and accountability.  The strategy also cites that the U.S. will take a greater leadership role in multilateral organizations to ensure that development is a top agenda item.

Read the rest of what’s new in the MDG strategy here, and check back on our blog on Wednesday to see if President Obama sheds any more light on the strategy in his upcoming speech.

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