In Case You Missed It…

Last Friday, Media Planet — with the help of many partners including CARE USA, the UN Millennium Campaign, Pathfinder International, and the International Women’s Health Coalition — published a special supplement in USA Today on the importance of investing in women and girls.  Helene Gayle, President of CARE, wrote a piece on “The Ripple Effect” in which she argues “We may not have found a simple cure for poverty, but those of us who see it up close, from Niger to Nicaragua, believe we know the active ingredient, one that has put a world of hope, dignity and self-sufficiency within reach. It is the empowerment of girls and women.”  Corrine Woods, Director of the UN Millennium Campaign also wrote a piece on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in which she discusses how the MDGs have helped empower women worldwide.

The supplement is full of attention-grabbing ads and statistics, as well as thoughtful stories from around the world.  Be sure to check it out!

We may not have
found a simple cure for poverty, but
those of us who see it up close, from
Niger to Nicaragua, believe we know
the active ingredient, one that has
put a world of hope, dignity and selfsufficiency
within reach. It is the
empowerment of girls and women.

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