Publish What You Fund Releases First Working Paper

Publish What You Fund logoMFAN Partner Publish What You Fund just released its first working paper, titled “Practical Approaches to the Aid Effectiveness Agenda” and written by Samuel Moon with Zachary Mills.  The paper, published in partnership with ODI and IBP, explores the link between donor aid and recipient budgets, and the role that greater aid transparency can play in improving transparency and accountability in developing countries.  From the executive summary:

“The Paris Declaration and the Accra Agenda for Action emphasise the importance of aligning aid with recipient government priorities and delivering aid through government systems. However, since a significant amount of aid is not delivered through national budgets, the issue of aligning these resources to government systems remains a major challenge. A fundamental concern is the ability to relate aid resources to the expenditure patterns of recipient governments…This paper explores the linkages between aid and budgets in two ways.”

This paper follows an earlier Briefing Paper put out by Publish What You Fund, titled ‘Greater Aid Transparency: crucial for aid effectiveness’.

Publish What You Fund is also involved in a global initiative on aid transparency.  Earlier this month, 35 civil society and non-governmental organizations rallied together to urge development ministers to support an aid transparency standard.  On July 7, the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) steering committee met in Paris.  To date, 18 donors have signed up to the IATI, the aim of which is to “deliver a step shift in global public availability and accessibility of information on aid flows, for increased effectiveness and accountability of aid.”

In a statement, Karin Christiansen, Director of Publish What You Fund, said, “I guess this could sound dull, but it’s actually revolutionary. This is like creating HTML, agreed weights and measures, or an accounting standard; without common formats we couldn’t communicate on the web or buy and sell effectively.”

Click here to track progress on IATI on Publish What You Fund’s website.

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