Former USAID Administrator Andrew Natsios calls Bureaucracy an Obstacle to Development Practices

“Relieving the tension between the counter-bureaucracy and development practice would require implementing new measurement systems, conducting more research on overregulation and its effects, reducing the layers of oversight and regulation, and aligning programmatic goals with organizational incentives.”

According to Andrew Natsios, visiting fellow at the Center for Global Development and former Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) from 2001 to 2006, obstructive layers of bureaucracy pose the largest challenge to delivering effective foreign assistance for agencies such as USAID. In his essay, “The Clash of the Counter-bureaucracy and Development,” Natsios relates how bureaucratic obstacles hinder USAID development practices and even damage U.S. national security objectives. Follow the link below to read the full paper:

Clash of Counter-bureaucracy and Development – Natsios

Read another piece authored by Andrew Natsios and MFAN Principals J. Brian Atwood and M. Peter McPherson regarding the problems with the U.S. foreign assistance system titled “Arrested Development Making Foreign Aid a More Effective Tool” (Foreign Affairs, Nov/Dec 2008).

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