CGD Ramps up Pakistan Development Study

CGDAs part of its new U.S. Development Strategy in Pakistan program, MFAN Partner the Center for Global Development just launched a monthly newsletter highlighting current work the study group has put together, as well as news shaping the complex situation.  CGD’s U.S. Development Strategy in Pakistan group has developed several open letters — penned by CGD President Nancy Birdsall — and papers and blog posts that use Pakistan as a lens to talk about foreign assistance reform and ways in which the U.S. could deliver more accountable, effective aid.  In an Open Letter to Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Birdsall cites many of the principles of aid reform, including transparency and coordination when making the case for a new aid model.

This month read about basic principles for effective development aid in Pakistan, development investments in the FATA region,  the U.S. aid program as described by Sen. Kerry and Lugar, and policymakers’ solution to Pakistan’s energy crisis.  Sign up to receive the newsletter each month by clicking here.

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