Senate Confirms Former MFAN Principal Lael Brainard at Treasury

brainardl_portraitAfter a nearly 12-month delay, the Senate has confirmed former MFAN Principal Lael Brainard as Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs.  In the position, Brainard will be the nation’s top financial diplomat, playing “a key role on issues such as the delicate negotiations with China over the level of the yuan, and seeking international cooperation on the restructuring of the financial sector’s regulatory framework” (via The Wall Street Journal).

Before taking her position at Treasury, Brainard was senior fellow and vice president and director of the Global Economy and Development program at the Brookings Institution.  There, she was a leading voice on development issues, penning authoritative papers including The 9/11 Development ImperativeU.S. Foreign Assistance: Reform to Lead in the 21st-Century, and U.S. Foreign Assistance: Reinventing Aid for the 21st-Century.

One of Brainard’s most important contributions to the movement for foreign assistance reform was her creation of a chart cataloging the uncoordinated programs and overlapping authorities that are rife in the U.S. foreign assistance system.


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