Roundtable with UN Millennium Campaign Director


On Wednesday, the United Nations Foundation hosted UN Millennium Campaign Director Salil Shetty for a discussion as momentum builds for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Summit in September this year.  Shetty – who has been the Director for the campaign since 2003 – talked about progress made on the goals thus far, particularly in recent years; over 400 million people have come out of poverty since 2000, 30 million more children are now in school, and there have been great strides in global health, with over a 30 percent reduction in new HIV/AIDS infections since 1992.  He also noted how the MDGs have served as a rallying cry and basis for successful grassroots efforts across the globe.

Anita Sharma, North American Coordinator for the UN Millennium Campaign, discussed the relationship between the MDGs and the foreign assistance reform debate in Washington, noting how it has been challenging to raise awareness for the MDGs in the U.S.  President Obama – who publically embraced the MDGs upon entering office – is due to present an action plan at the summit in September.  This summit offers an opportunity for the Administration, especially President Obama, to articulate his vision for foreign assistance and poverty alleviation that could serve as the basis for a national strategy for development.

Do you think the American public would rally behind a MDGs grassroots campaign?  For more information on the summit and the work of the UN Millennium Campaign, be sure to check out the following link:

And stay tuned next week for more on the UN Millennium Campaign and their recent event with the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS).

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