President Obama’s Remarks from Entrepreneurship Summit

Last night, President Obama spoke at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship – the first summit to build off his promise of a “new beginning” from last year’s speech in Cairo.  The Summit, co-hosted by the Departments of State and Commerce, is a step toward building closer ties between the U.S. and Muslim communities worldwide.  In his remarks, President Obama noted recent efforts taken to strengthen partnership that include expanding educational exchanges, collaborating on global health issues with the Organization of Islamic Conference, and fostering innovation in science and technology.  He also noted steps the U.S. has taken to improve relations:

“As President, I’ve worked to ensure that America once again meets its responsibilities, especially when it comes to the security and political issues that have often been a source of tension. The United States is responsibly ending the war in Iraq, and we will partner with Iraqi people for their long-term prosperity and security. In Afghanistan, in Pakistan and beyond, we’re forging new partnerships to isolate violent extremists, but also to combat corruption and foster the development that improves lives and communities.”

President Obama made a point to recognize some of the world leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs attending the ceremony last night including, Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Soraya Salti, and Roshaneh Zafar.  Overall, the Summit will bring together more than 275 participants from over 50 countries around the world.  Watch the speech below.

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