Nearly 50 Military Officials Call International Affairs Budget Critical to Security

Members of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition’s (USGLC) National Security Advisory Committee released a letter today urging Congress to boost development and diplomacy spending.  “Our military works hand-in-hand with diplomats and development experts in meeting the challenges and responsibilities we face around the world,” said General Hagee.  “It is critical that our civilian agencies are properly resourced so they can lead key elements of our national security strategy.”

The President’s FY11 International Affairs Budget request represents only 1.4% of the entire federal budget and less than 7% of national security funding.    Knowing the great need that exists for more funding for development and diplomacy, the military leaders close their letter saying, “we urge you to support no less than the Administration’s request of $58.5 billion for the International Affairs Budget.”

The Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network, of which USGLC is a member, identifies increased funding and accountability of foreign assistance as a priority action in “New Day, New Way: U.S. Foreign Assistance for the 21st Century.”

Click here to view the letter.

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