CAP Hosts Chairman Berman, MFAN Principal McPherson for Development Discussion

Berman at CAP

Last Thursday, the Center for American Progress (CAP) hosted House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman (D-CA) and a group of experts as part of the Center’s Sustainable Security series.  Berman headlined the event titled, “U.S. Global Development Policy in the 21st Century: Implications for Reform.” Just last year, Berman was leading the reform charge on the Hill by introducing the Initiating Foreign Assistance Reform Act (H.R.2139) alongside Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL).  The bill, which calls for a National Strategy for Global Development, now has 125 bipartisan cosponsors. Since then, Berman has begun the process of rewriting the outdated Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 – set to be released in the coming months.  MFAN Principal Peter McPherson, former Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), sat on a panel alongside:  John Norris, Executive Director, Enough; Eli Adashi, Former Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences and the Frank L. Day Professor of Biology, Brown University; and Ambassador Wendy Chamberlin, President, Middle East Institute.  See excerpts from Berman’s keynote speech and Peter McPherson’s remarks after the jump:

“National security, human security, and collective security must be reflected in U.S. foreign policy and global development policy.”-Chairman Berman

“There is also a coordinated effort among NGOs, corporations, [and] foundations to keep foreign assistance reform on the national agenda and to make sure those of us in Congress are focusing on this issue.” -Chairman Berman

“Many Republicans are talking about foreign assistance reform…there is nothing partisan about making foreign assistance more efficient and effective.” -Chairman Berman

“We want to determine a clear definition with the new bill, but also take into account the Administration’s reviews [PSD, QDDR].” -Chairman Berman

“USAID also needs policy capacity, and people…We all know how to make USAID better, how to get it right.” -Peter McPherson

“We have an iron triangle: advocacy orgs, Administration and congressional earmarks…no place for developing countries.” -Peter McPherson

McPherson at CAP

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