POLITICO features MFAN Principal on Obama’s Commitment to Global Development

Politico features MFAN Principal and Policy Director of the Foreign Assistance Reform project at Brookings Institution Noam Unger as he evaluates the Obama Administration’s progress on foreign assistance reform. Unger argues that, despite a slow start, recent developments will make for a promising new year — so long as rhetoric and vision start to match policy and structure.  Unger writes:

“In 2010, we should learn whether the administration’s modernization of development policies and operations will result in a strong development agency, closely coordinated with State, but with the independence and clout to effectively champion development considerations in interagency policy deliberations. Such an agency could serve as a focal point, helping the U.S. provide global leadership on development issues, but that vision has not yet come into focus.”

Watch the video below, and be sure to comment on whether you agree or disagree with Unger’s assessment.

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