Seoul Development Consensus: Break from Washington Consensus or Same Song, New Singers?

As the first non-G8 member to host a G20 summit, South Korea has made development a central part of the agenda, with a focus on boosting the growth of poor countries. And in September, President Obama released a Global Development Policy at the MDG Summit that hit similar notes, like going beyond aid and harmonizing policies on trade, food security, and climate change that affect millions of poor people. But did these two policies meet in Seoul?

MFAN Partner on the G20 and the Future of Aid

“For the emerging economies, development is about more than just aid. It’s a package of policies connected to trade, finance, and investment – not charity. China, Brazil, and India view development through the lens of partnerships (South-South cooperation) and investment opportunities. These perspectives are shaping the G20 agenda. The current communiqué draft states that the level of aid is important, but economic growth is the primary driver of poverty reduction. The G20 “Seoul consensus for shared growth” agreement under consideration consists of a broad set of pillars: infrastructure, private investment, financial inclusion, social protection, good governance, and food security.”

Making the Grade? Jubilee Report Looks at G20 Commitments

St. Louis talked about the lack of political will and misconceptions about foreign aid spending that have slowed progress on commitments. With the G8 and G20 summits in Canada this weekend, the report is a great resource to measure what still needs to be done.

President Obama’s State of the Union Address

In his first State of the Union address last night, President Obama alluded to his campaign pledge to “strengthen our common security by investing in our common humanity.”