A Message from MFAN’s Co-Chairs on the Year Ahead

As 2010 begins, we are pleased to report that the community’s hard work over the last year has created unprecedented momentum towards our shared goals of elevating development as an enduring pillar of U.S. foreign policy and making U.S. foreign assistance more effective and accountable.

38,495 signatures and counting…

Since its launch last week, the first-ever development community-wide petition aimed at the White House has energized groups and individuals from Camarillo, California to Branchburg, New Jersey and every city in between. The petition drive underscores the need to maintain America’s commitment to fighting poverty and disease worldwide by lending support to President Obama and the team working on the Presidential Study Directive (PSD) on Global Development Policy. The end goal: a global development strategy based on recommendations from the PSD.

MFAN Member and Oxfam VP Talks Reform on CNN

In the aftermath of President Obama’s announcement of his new Afghanistan strategy and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s confirmation for USAID Administrator nominee Dr. Rajiv Shah, MFAN member and Oxfam VP of Policy and Advocacy Paul O’Brien appeared on CNN’s “Amanpour” to address the importance of U.S. development efforts in Afghanistan and foreign assistance reform more broadly.

MFAN Statement: USAID Nominee Shah’s Leadership Needed on Development

MFAN applauds the nomination of Dr. Rajiv Shah to be Administrator for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). We are hopeful that his unique combination of knowledge about global health, agriculture, and other issues will allow him to provide a strong and indispensable development voice as major decisions are made about U.S. foreign policy. Congress should confirm Dr. Shah quickly.

WWF US CEO Takes Reform Message to Capitol Hill

WWF US President and CEO Carter Roberts, one of the world’s leading conservationists, has a unique view on foreign assistance reform. Today, he brought his message to Capitol Hill for a bi-cameral hearing on the innovative Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP).

Obama’s UN General Assembly Address Hits Important Development Notes

At the UN General Assembly this morning, President Obama again put development at the center of his foreign policy vision, laying out an agenda for how nations can cooperate to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges, including poverty and disease, nuclear proliferation, climate change, the economic crisis, and conflict.

White House Joins the Party on Development Policy

The response has been positive to news that the White House will be conducting an interagency review of all U.S. global development policy. Momentum is clearly growing for a refocused approach to development and how the U.S. manages its foreign aid.

MFAN: New Presidential Study Directive an Unprecedented Step Forward on Development

MFAN strongly commends President Obama for signing a landmark Presidential Study Directive on Global Development Policy. The directive establishes clear White House leadership on modernizing our country’s approach to global development, adding to the tremendous momentum generated by actions taken by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and the State Department.