NYT: Dr. Rajiv Shah Seeks to Cure the Ills of USAID

This week’s Saturday profile in The New York Times featured Dr. Rajiv Shah, the Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development. As one of the Obama administration’s most visible foreign policy players since the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Shah has spearheaded an “ambitious campaign to rebuild Usaid that will ultimately determine his success or failure in Washington.”

CSIS Paper on the Erosion of USAID

“Ironically, while foreign assistance has grown in importance in U.S. foreign policy over the past two decades, it has deteriorated organizationally, substantively, and procedurally. It will not take long to see how great a difference the deterioration in structure and process will have on development content. Already, the tangible erosion has had discernable, negative effects on the quality of analysis, internal discourse, and decisionmaking.”

CGD Asks the Hard Questions about the PPD

“Admittedly, getting anything through Congress is not easy these days. But there are benefits that outweigh the cost in time and effort. The legislative stamp of approval creates congressional support that tends to endure over time. We are asking for recipient country buy-in, so isn’t it a good idea to have congressional buy-in?”

MFAN Partner CGD’s Staff Tracker

In light of new confirmations this week, below is the latest version of the Center for Global Development’s USAID Staff Tracker.  Of note, former MFAN Principal and MercyCorps President Nancy Lindborg was confirmed as the assistant administrator for democracy, conflict, and humanitarian assistance at USAID on Wednesday.  Read more about recent confirmations made before the … Continue reading MFAN Partner CGD’s Staff Tracker

USGLC Conference: Power Panel Talks PPD

At yesterday’s U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) annual conference, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, USAID Administrator Raj Shah, and president and CEO of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Daniel Yohannes came together in a rare appearance to discuss President Obama’s new … Continue reading USGLC Conference: Power Panel Talks PPD

A Review of USAID’s Major New York Events from Last Week:

    The following are highlights from USAID’s participation in events in New York last week.  USAID had a strong presence in the city, particularly USAID Administrator, Rajiv Shah. On the morning of September 21st, Raj Shah, Dr. Thomas Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control, and Ambassador Eric Goosby, the U.S. Global AIDS … Continue reading A Review of USAID’s Major New York Events from Last Week:

MFAN Partner: “What Does the PPD Mean for USAID?”

Connie Veillette, new director of the Rethinking U.S. Foreign Assistance Initiative at the Center for Global Development (CGD), analyzes the commitment to rebuild USAID into “the world’s premier development agency” in light of the new Global Development Policy for CGD’s blog.  She argues that any government agency is only as strong as three conditions, identified … Continue reading MFAN Partner: “What Does the PPD Mean for USAID?”

Shah Visits Floods in Pakistan

On Wednesday, USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah visited Pakistan to witness the damage caused by severe flooding.  On USAID’s Impact Blog, Shah described his view from the helicopter: “As far as the eye could see, foundations and buttresses supported nonexistent houses and bridges, power lines lay hopelessly tangled on the ground, and roads destroyed and washed … Continue reading Shah Visits Floods in Pakistan