MFAN Statement: USAID Nominee Shah’s Leadership Needed on Development

MFAN applauds the nomination of Dr. Rajiv Shah to be Administrator for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). We are hopeful that his unique combination of knowledge about global health, agriculture, and other issues will allow him to provide a strong and indispensable development voice as major decisions are made about U.S. foreign policy. Congress should confirm Dr. Shah quickly.

UPDATE: USAID Administrator Poll Leaders, New Ideas

Nearly a week into the poll we launched on who should be the next USAID Administrator, three names have risen to the top (though fans can still vote for their favorite and change the course of this race!).

MFAN: New Presidential Study Directive an Unprecedented Step Forward on Development

MFAN strongly commends President Obama for signing a landmark Presidential Study Directive on Global Development Policy. The directive establishes clear White House leadership on modernizing our country’s approach to global development, adding to the tremendous momentum generated by actions taken by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and the State Department.

Former Rep. Mark Green (R-WI) Calls for GOP Support for Foreign Assistance Reform

Mark Green Calls for Republican Support for Foreign Assistance Reform in The Washington Times
In an op-ed today in The Washington Times, former Republican representative from Wisconsin and Ambassador to Tanzania Mark Green urges his conservative allies to put partisan politics aside and embrace the foreign aid reform that has been recently introduced in both the House and the Senate.

Foreign Aid Reform a Top Priority, Says Foreign Policy

A new piece by Joshua Keating and Michael Wilkerson at Foreign Policy rated foreign assistance reform as one of the top five priorities for the Obama Administration and Congress. A quote by MFAN’s Co-Chair David Beckmann appears in the article.

Center for Global Development Considers New USAID Administrator Nominees

Last week, Sheila Herrling at the Center for Global Development vented frustration over the failure to name a USAID administrator by comparing the circus-like process to a popular nursery rhyme. As she notes, what was once funny about the unfilled position is now disconcerting given the Adminstration’s supposed commitment to development. See the blog post below, followed with over a dozen comments suggesting nominees for USAID Administrator.