WATCH: Responding to COVID-19 Globally: Policy Recommendations for Effective Foreign Assistance

On May 26th, MFAN hosted Representative Ted Yoho (R-FL) followed by panelists Jeff Sturchio, CEO of Rabin Martin, Tessie San Martin, CEO of Plan International USA, Lester Munson, Principal at BGR Group, and Larry Nowels to discuss an effective global response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Representative Yoho led with remarks on the power of foreign assistance to advance U.S. interests and create strong allies and trading partners in the world. He emphasized the importance of American collaboration in vaccine development and highlighted effective foreign assistance as a tool the U.S. can leverage during the crisis.

Following the Congressman’s remarks, the panelists discussed localization, international cooperation, accountability, and the role of Congress in the U.S. global response to the pandemic.

Due to technical difficulties, the recording below begins with the first panel response. MFAN’s full recommendations for effective pandemic assistance can be found here.



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