MFAN Community Congratulates Ambassador Mark Green on Confirmation as USAID Administrator

Last week, the Senate unanimously approved Ambassador Mark Green to serve as the next USAID Administrator.  MFAN released a statement congratulating Amb. Green on his confirmation and urging him to prioritize aid effectiveness and to engage with Congress and the development community on the ongoing redesign effort.

MFAN and our partners look forward to working with Ambassador Green in his new role.  See below for a roundup of reactions from around the network.

George Ingram, MFAN Co-Chair; Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution: “The Senate has done its job confirming such a qualified nominee on a bipartisan basis.  It’s now critical for Mark to assemble his team at a time that demands strong leadership at USAID.”

Tessie San Martin, MFAN Co-Chair; President and CEO Plan International USA: “Senior political leadership at USAID is essential in ensuring there is support for and focus on the multitude of crises that require a coordinated response in the field. Mark Green is well respected in the development community and has the expertise to lead a robust U.S. response.”

Connie Veillette, MFAN Co-Chair; Senior Fellow, The Lugar Center: “I have complete confidence in Mark’s ability to guide the agency during this time of global political discord that is putting increased demands on aid agencies around the world at the same time as he faces internal discussions on improving efficiencies and restructuring agencies.  He understands the value of the three D’s – Diplomacy, Defense, and Development – to work together to advance US global leadership.”

Sen. Richard Lugar (Ret.), MFAN Honorary Co-Chair; President, The Lugar Center: “With 20 million people at risk of famine and conflict across numerous countries throughout the Middle East and Africa, Ambassador Green’s steady hand in leading the U.S. response is vital. It is only with the partnership of U.S. development expertise can our nation’s efforts in defense and diplomacy be most effective in supporting a safer, more stable, and prosperous world. I wish Ambassador Green much success in leading USAID during this extremely challenging time.”

Carolyn Miles, President and CEO, Save the Children & Mark Shriver, President, Save the Children Action Network: “Uniquely equipped to build on USAID’s bipartisan legacy of reform, in his new role, Ambassador Green has the opportunity to ensure a strong and independent USAID to lead on U.S. development and humanitarian priorities and increase the impact of America’s international assistance as we work with developing countries on their path to self-reliance.”

Tom Hart, North America Executive Director, ONE: “Ambassador Green will arrive at USAID with a tough, but important job waiting for him. USAID’s staff is already wrapping up proposals for policy reforms, structural reorganization, and the agency’s FY19 budget. At Secretary Tillerson’s urging, they’re even rewriting USAID’s mission statement. USAID needs a strong, politically appointed leader now who can be a vocal advocate for the work of this agency — fighting global poverty — inside the Administration and on the Hill. I’m glad that Ambassador Green has finally been confirmed.”

Rob Mosbacher & Mark Dybul, Co-Chairs, Consensus for Development Reform: “The Senate confirmation last week of our colleague Ambassador Mark Green to be USAID Administrator comes amid the struggle between the president and Congress over the administration’s proposed 30 percent cuts to foreign assistance. In this convergence of events, we see a real opportunity for Congress and the administration to do much more than debate where the burden of potential cuts might fall, and instead make lasting reforms to make our foreign assistance better able to enjoy long-term success and provide savings far beyond next year’s budget.”

Liz Schrayer, President and CEO, U.S. Global Leadership Coalition: “Ambassador Green is an exceptionally qualified public servant and will be an invaluable partner to Secretary Tillerson and Deputy Secretary Sullivan in advancing America’s interests and values abroad. As a trusted leader with strong relationships on both sides of the aisle on Capitol Hill, Ambassador Green will bring his life-long experience and expertise to the current discussion on how to effectively use development as a catalyst for change, improving lives around the world, and delivering results for the American people.  We look forward to continuing to work with him.”

Abby Maxman, President, Oxfam America: “Ambassador Green has a long track record in international development and his leadership will be crucial at this time of unprecedented global crisis, from refugees to hunger to climate change. As an independent, non-partisan organization that does not depend on US government funding, we look forward to working with Ambassador Green to build on bold reform efforts to further increase the effectiveness of our foreign aid dollars that align well with our foreign policy priorities, national security interests, and values central to America’s identity.”

Sam Worthington, CEO, InterAction: “With roughly 20 million people in four different countries currently facing the specter of starvation, this will be a critical time for U.S. global leadership.  Mark brings deep experience in building bridges between leaders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The InterAction community looks forward to working with Mark and the USAID leadership team as active partners in the effort to help improve the lives of people in the world’s poorest places.”

Todd Shelton, Vice President of U.S. Government Relations, World Wildlife Fund: “Ambassador Green’s decades of experience will be critical to maintaining US leadership in international affairs, securing global stability, and helping other nations respond to humanitarian needs in times of crisis. His strong understanding of the benefits foreign assistance provides can drive USAID programs abroad while delivering security and prosperity here at home.  We congratulate Ambassador Green on his confirmation and look forward to working with him to implement the agency’s vital conservation and development programs.”

Also see statements from the State Department and USAID.  Ambassador Green addressed employees yesterday, see his full remarks here.

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