Tweet Stream: Panel Explores Future of U.S. Development Efforts

Yesterday, the Brookings Institution hosted a panel discussion on the U.S. global development reform agenda, with participants noting opportunities and challenges for future reform efforts. The event, “The United States and Global Development: An Approach in Transition,” was moderated by MFAN co-chair and Brookings senior fellow George Ingram. Panelists included: Sheila Herrling, vice president in the Department of Policy and Evaluation at the Millennium Challenge Corporation; Steven Radelet, distinguished professor in the practice of development at Georgetown University; Susan Reichle, assistant to the administrator at the Bureau of Policy, Planning and Learning at the U.S. Agency for International Development; and Connie Veillette, consultant and MFAN principal.

Watch a video or listen to audio of the event here.

In case you missed the event, take a look at MFAN’s live tweet stream (@ModernizeAid) in reverse chronological order:

  • Reichle @USAID hopes that we strengthen a constituency for US development over the next four years #USDevReform
  • Connie Veillette’s 1 wish is a well-written foreign assistance authorization bill #USDevReform
  • Reichle @USAID asks how do we connect youth around the world and help them to focus to achieve big results together #USDevReform
  • Radelet: challenge is to move from model where traditional development funders are the risk-sharers. #USDevReform
  • Connie Veillette makes call for coalition to support more effective & efficient food aid, and not give in to special interests #USDevReform
  • Conversation switches gears briefly to address food aid reform #USDevReform
  • Herrling says President’s state of the union speech was huge moment for development #USDevReform
  • Reichle @USAID says the agency will move 11 missions into new engagement strategy in FY14 budget #USDevReform
  • Veillette: unless experts make decisions about what should/should not be cut, the non-experts will make those decisions #USDevReform
  • Connie Veillette: admin has not made great strides in being more selective with development programs #USDevReform
  • Radelet: (2/2) and have these agencies, USAID & MCC, be seen as stronger, more effective in the eyes of taxpayers & the Hill #USDevReform
  • Radelet: (1/2) model for change is to focus on a set of key reforms…#USDevReform
  • Reichle @USAID says reform efforts are really taking hold in the field and they are institutionalizing core competencies #USDevReform
  • @GMIngramIV asks for a preview of the upcoming USAID Forward progress report — coming mid-March! #USDevReform
  • Herrling: we see a real focus on monitoring and evaluation and being transparent about this, even when it comes with risks. #USDevReform
  • Sheila Herrling @MCCtweets talks about partnership for growth initiative and figuring out “how” to implement reform #USDevReform
  • Veillette: need more clarification about how development is distinct from diplomacy and defense, esp for Congress #USDevReform
  • Connie Veillette: I don’t think reforms are spreading beyond USAID to other agencies #USDevReform
  • Radelet @georgetownsfs says to stop calling for USAID admin to have seat on natl security council; have strong representation #USDevReform
  • Radelet: final issue is transparency and openness #USDevReform
  • Radelet: second issue is procurement reform. If done right, this could fundamentally help our partners in developing countries #USDevReform
  • Steve Radelet: most important thing is to ensure strong implementation of reform agenda already in place #USDevReform
  • Reichle @USAID: we elevated development by focusing on results, take Feed the Future for ex #USDevReform
  • Susan Reichle @USAID says we need to strengthen core capacities incl budget and policy shops #USDevReform
  • First question: what further can be achieved to elevate development in the US? #USDevReform

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