MFAN Statement: President Obama Can Use Second Term to Solidify Gains, Drive Additional Progress on Foreign Assistance Reform

We are particularly optimistic of success because of what we heard on the 2012 campaign trail. Both President Obama and Governor Romney spoke publicly about the importance of U.S. efforts to alleviate poverty, drive economic growth, and eradicate disease in developing countries. We hope that policymakers in both parties will agree that our ability to maintain our leadership and leverage on a changing world stage, and turn the unprecedented development gains of the past decade into lasting change, will rest heavily on how well we use non-military tools of foreign policy like development and diplomacy.

USAID’s New Youth Policy Is Timely and Urgent: Here’s Why

In a piece in The Huffington Post, Bill Reese, MFAN Principal and CEO of the International Youth Foundation, applauds USAID’s new youth policy, Policy on Youth in Development. Reese highlights the policy’s efforts to elevate youth as partners and not just beneficiaries in their communities’ development process. Reese writes:  “I frequently advocate that ensuring young … Continue reading USAID’s New Youth Policy Is Timely and Urgent: Here’s Why

We ask too much of the military

“We have a foreign assistance force; it is called the U.S. Agency for International Development, which operates with the assistance of the State Department. But over the past ten years or so, we have larded up our military with missions that USAID and State should be doing — development, governance support, social support, training for ministries, public diplomacy.”