Roundup of #AidTransparency Tweets

In the interest of being transparent, below we’ve listed the tweets received through our aid transparency contest. Thanks to all who participated! Click here for a list of the winners and stay tuned for more on why aid transparency is important.

PorterMcConnell: #Aidtransparency, because citizens have a right to know what’s happening in their country. @ModernizeAid

MomsGetReal: @ModernizeAid @ONECampaign #Aidtransparency is crucial for ensuring incoming $$ goes further, helps people in need, with no hidden agenda!

*Semi-finalist karli_nicole: @modernizeaid we need #aidtransparency so we are humbly helping through partnership rather than inadvertently ruling by creating dependence.

NicoleCavino: #Aidtransparency ensures our $ benefits all-alleviates poverty abroad and creates business opportunities here at home. @ModernizeAid

USGLC: The more we learn about the good we do around the world, the more ownership we feel over our investment. #Aidtransparency @ModernizeAid

curry_nelson: @ModernizeAid: Loosen the blindfold: let us see your world. Efficient management means effective aid, and opportunity. #Aidtransparency

6t6qt: Need to globalize the defn of aid effectiveness. Enable crowd sourcing / collaboration by opening kimono.   @ModernizeAid  #Aidtransparency

maryrmendes: @ModernizeAid Citizens in #developingcountries know what aid their government is receiving & can monitor where it is going  #Aidtransparency

AidData: @Modernizeaid #Aidtransparency enables better collaboration and decision making

NoraInPalestine: #Aidtransparency is important so we can hold and be held accountable. @ModernizeAid

thehungerstrike: #aidtransparency is important so that we can all work together for greater good, instead of against each other for less. @modernizeaid

ONECampaign: #aidtransparency rocks b/c it ensures that we’re delivering the biggest impact possible in terms of poverty reduction. @modernizeaid

Redroserocker: @ONECampaign @ModernizeAid Trans anything concerns me for so far the TRANS-parency campaign has been un-transparent & Sneaky cloudy instead

MarkShaw30: @ModernizeAid Make sure money isn’t being thrown away! Bring on #AidTransparency

fruitmmonster: @ModernizeAid #Aidtransparency Form my field experience cause n 1 of non-dev is lack of transparency from both govs and orgs.

UnaManoUnCuore: As billions of beneficiaries deserve better livelihoods, agencies owe it to all involved to @ModernizeAid & #transparency. #knowledgeispower

total_solo: Aid is crucial b/c it saves lives an prevents suffering and w/o #aidtransparency the potential of it is vastly undermined @ModernizeAid

AidData: @ComeAgainGod It’s a process, not an end goal. There’s always work to be done. It takes ALL of us to make #transparency work! @ModernizeAid

USADF: @ModernizeAid  Recepients can participate and direct in their own development #Aidtransparency

SGS_RFKennedy: #AidTransparency is req’d to assess effectiveness & IMPACT on #humanrights & 2 allow PARTICIPATION, key standards in int’l law @modernizeaid

*Semi-finalist StephPostar: We need #AidTransparency to increase accountability for all involved in foreign assistance programs. Knowledge=power @ModernizeAid

WomenThrive: “Women’s orgs report that without timely, complete info & #AidTransparency they can’t accessing critical funding. @ModernizeAid”

Bfry420: #AidTransparency is important work for influence, all meanings of the word, for a result, verification,& progress @ONECampaign @ModernizeAid

*Semi-finalist SeanKHiggins: #Aidtransparency enhances collaboration between donors and recipients and holds both accountable and responsible for change @ModernizeAid

DuncanMaru: observation drives innovation, #Aidtransparency drives effectiveness, a moral imperative to @ModernizeAid

*Grand Prize Winner nmcchoi: #Aidtransparency is a force multiplier. Helps us listen, learn, innovate, insist on results.  @ModernizeAid

freebalance: #Aidtransparency thru #IATI will @ModernizeAid will end #DeadAid debate, cut reporting costs, identify #aideffectiveness good practices

*Semi-finalist joemason733: @ModernizeAid @ONECampaign Why is aid transparency important? To silence the critics, ensure justice, meet desperate need. #Aidtransparency

sarahtlucas: #aidtransparency matters for learning what works and being accountable for what doesn’t @ModernizeAid

lixxyis: @ONECampaign @ModernizeAid .so right . modernise now.

synisys: @ModernizeAid Empowers recipient governments to drive the aid process, and reduces duplication of efforts among donors #Aidtransparency

mearnyee: @modernizeaid,  the need is for global unity.  #aidtransparency will insure that global agencies are held accountable for funding & spending

KDCaulfeild: @ModernizeAid Hi, if we don’t have transparency we have suspicion & lies 😀

trway1: @modernizeaid I think #aidtransparancy is important becoz EveryOne deserves 2see wats happening w/aid.

wholepoint: @ONECampaign @ModernizeAid because one promotes oneness!!!

ChiquitaBlndita: @ModernizeAid The importance of #aidtransparency is vital to securing public trust and financial support for critical social justice work!

HighwayStarrrr: @ONECampaign @ModernizeAid #aidtransparency is important for the simple reason that truth is paramount, especially with lives at stake.

ukmav: @ONECampaign @ModernizeAid Aid transparency matters because it shows what we give goes where it is needed NOT to corrupt officials

PrettyOddrey: @modernizeaid We need #aidtransparency so resources find their way to assist those in poverty instead of sitting in greedy hands.

NikkyMiles: @modernizeaid #aidtransparency is important… the money isn’t meant for government but for people, we shall know w/ and how much of it goes

RFeddypoo: @ModernizeAid To help ensure that results are being delivered effectively and efficiently and thus, making a difference. #aidtransparency

cinwall01: @ONECampaign @ModernizeAid Sets in motion planning to never allow aides to be forgotton  while taking action now. All have a role.

yeEthiopialoga: @ModernizeAid  cos it’s a sign of commitment, accountability and democracy.

pacbrandeis: It’s time to @ModernizeAid because money well spent saves lives. We need #Aidtransparency to reduce waste, corruption, and gaps in funding.

jenna_strolls: @NGOAidMap @modernizeaid W/ aid contributions decreasing, #Aidtransparency is crucial so every $ makes as big a difference as possible!

AidEx2012: #aidtransparency so we can distinguish the honest & efficient aid from murky self-promotion at the expense of those in need! @ModernizeAid

WomenThrive: Why #aidtransparency asks @modernizeaid. If you can’t stand proud next to your aid in front of the whole world, then why are you giving it?

freebalance: Thru #aidtransparency, we will know where the money went & how effective it was spent, so @modernizeaid = discussing facts, not myths

*Semi-finalist Jon_Scanlon: #Aidtransparency is important because it’s 1 thing that 50+ bipartisan members of the House can agree on @ModernizeAid


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