#AidTransparency Winners Round II — Our Grand Prize Winner

We wrapped up our Twitter contest on Friday and announced the last round of winners. Congratulations to Nancy Choi, director of products and operations at Development Gateway, for her grand prize-winning tweet:

nmcchoi: #Aidtransparency is a force multiplier. Helps us listen, learn, innovate, insist on results.  @ModernizeAid

MFAN agrees that transparency in foreign assistance is a “force multiplier.”

Here are our Round II semi-finalists (click here to see Round I winners):

  • joemason733: @ModernizeAid @ONECampaign Why is aid transparency important? To silence the critics, ensure justice, meet desperate need. #Aidtransparency
  • SeanKHiggins: #Aidtransparency enhances collaboration between donors and recipients and holds both accountable and responsible for change @ModernizeAid
  • Jon_Scanlon: #Aidtransparency is important because it’s 1 thing that 50+ bipartisan members of the House can agree on http://t.co/UaHg4qZr @ModernizeAid

We encourage you to follow our contest winners.

A big thank you to all who have participated! We had some exceptional responses that demonstrate the widespread support for transparency and MFAN plans to use this momentum to push policymakers over the coming months to take concrete steps toward more transparent foreign assistance.



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