MFAN Co-Chairs New Op-ed: More Sunlight on US Foreign Assistance

In a new op-ed in Devex, MFAN’s Co-Chairs David Beckmann, George Ingram, and Jim Kolbe argue that increased transparency in US foreign assistance will make these programs more effective and, ultimately, bolster their support. The co-chairs urge policymakers to enhance aid transparency measures to not only allow citizens of countries who receive US assistance to hold their governments accountable, but to share success stories of programs that are working and where efficiencies are being found as part of the larger foreign assistance reform effort. They write:

“Few decisions will have as large a global impact as the ones policymakers will soon make about the fate of the international affairs budget and the programs it funds, like the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and Feed the Future, which have helped improve countless lives over the last decade. Increased transparency, particularly on the part of the Obama administration, will go a long way toward ensuring that we come out of this budget round with the resources and momentum it will take to capitalize on progress toward development outcomes and reform.”

To hold the Obama Administration accountable for critical development reforms, MFAN launched a microsite, Policy to Action, which tracks how transparently key development agencies are implementing the reforms in DC and in the field. Click here to read more about MFAN’s push for aid transparency.


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