USAID Launches FWD Campaign

Yesterday, the U.S. Agency for International Development, in partnership with the Ad Council, launched a national public awareness campaign to help spread the word about the current crisis in the Horn of Africa.

Street Theatre: Superheroes or supervillans?

See below for a post from Linda Delgado calling upon the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to protect poverty-focused development assistance. Linda Delgado is Director of Government Affairs at Oxfam America. It is street theatre everywhere these days. Standard decision making processes and procedures are OUT. Legislating on appropriations bills is IN. And twelve … Continue reading Street Theatre: Superheroes or supervillans?

Judge Ted Poe and his bipartisan posse lay down the (foreign aid) law

This blog post was written by MFAN Partner Archana Palaniappan, aid effectiveness policy and advocacy advisor at Oxfam America. The post originally appeared on Oxfam America’s Politics of Poverty blog. Bipartisan. Remember that word? It’s been a while since we heard a tale of true bipartisan support in Washington. In a time when it feels … Continue reading Judge Ted Poe and his bipartisan posse lay down the (foreign aid) law

MFAN Co-Chair Jim Kolbe and Rep. Ted Poe in Roll Call

In a new op-ed for Roll Call, House Foreign Affairs Committee member Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX-2) and former Rep. Jim Kolbe argue that modernizing the U.S. foreign assistance system will helps us confront challenges abroad while making the most effective use of every dollar spent.

International Development Spending is Smart Contracting

With the congressional super committee and others mulling the return on investment for various government programs, there has been a misguided call to cut foreign aid and other international development assistance. It seems nobody is really asking, or bothering to answer, the question: What do we get for the development dollar? The answer: jobs, economic growth, and security abroad—and at home.

MFAN Statement: Poe Bill Would Strengthen Foreign Assistance Transparency, Accountability

MFAN applauds Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX) for introducing the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2012 (HR.3159), which calls for more coherent and consistent monitoring and evaluation of U.S. foreign assistance programs. The proposed legislation has attracted a strong list of co-sponsors from both parties, signaling broad support for U.S. development programs that are critical levers of U.S. influence in an increasingly complex global environment.

MFAN Co-Chair Reviews the Global Partnerships Act of 2011

My hat’s off to Congressman Berman and his staff, led by Diana Ohlbaum, for their long-awaited discussion draft of a new foreign assistance act, titled the Global Partnerships Act of 2011. It took three years to complete this draft, and we now know why. Rep. Berman’s staff produced a comprehensive, coherent, thoughtful draft and they did it through a meaningful, consultative process. They did not just clean up the tired old Foreign Assistance Act. They drafted a whole new law that reflects lessons learned and recent innovations, but most importantly,that sets U.S. foreign assistance squarely on a path to address the challenges of the 21st century