MFAN Blog Series: Moving from Policy to Practice

On Monday, MFAN will kick off the second installment in our six-part blog series about our new reform agenda.  For August, we’re looking at what it will take to have a strong, empowered 21st century development agency and how this critical reform is effected by the FY12 budget, especially in light of the spending cuts that resulted from the debt agreement. In From Policy to Practice, MFAN suggests the following actions to strengthen the US Agency for International Development: provide USAID with the tools it needs to accomplish its mission (e.g. a working capital fund); give USAID full authority over its policies and budget; and mandate that a coordinated development strategy be prepared under the leadership of USAID for each developing country with a U.S. presence.

As always, we’ll draw from the exceptional expertise of MFAN’s principals to complete the “Strengthening USAID” series. Over the next week, we’ll include pieces from G. William Anderson, who most recently served as the USAID Representative to the European Union following a distinguished career at USAID, and Carol Peasley, President and CEO of CEDPA who served with USAID for over 30 years.

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