MFAN Blog Series: Moving from Policy to Practice

This week, MFAN is launching a six-part blog series about our new reform agenda, From Policy to Practice. Each month, we will be focusing on a different pillar of our agenda, such as strengthening the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) or ensuring that our assistance is driven by local priorities, with the goal of moving the conversation from policy to practice and, ultimately, advancing reform. The posts in each series will draw from the vast experience and knowledge of MFAN’s Principals to articulate how to take reform principles and put them in to practice, offering practical actions while addressing implications of such action (or inaction).

We’re kicking off the series with an in-depth look at “Modern Legislation” as part of the foreign assistance reform process. In From Policy to Practice, MFAN wrote, “U.S. policy should be guided by modern legislation that codifies a shared Executive-Legislative vision for the U.S. approach to poverty-focused development build around sound strategic planning, greater transparency, accountability for results, and the flexibility to spend resources according to needs and opportunities on the ground.”

Beginning tomorrow, we will post the first piece in our “Modern Legislation” series from former Congressman and Ambassador to Tanzania Mark Green. Over the next week, we’ll include pieces from Connie Veillette, Director of the Rethinking U.S. Foreign Assistance Project at the Center for Global Development, and Larry Nowels, a consultant working with the Hewlett Foundation and the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, who also serves as the U.S. Policy Director for ONE.

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