Tweet Stream: CSIS Launches U.S. Leadership in Development Project

Last week, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) launched a new project on U.S. Leadership in Development, in partnership with Chevron. The launch event featured former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice, former National Security Advisor General Jim Jones, and former USAID Administrator Henrietta Fore to discuss the important role development plays in U.S. national security. See MFAN’s live tweet stream (@modernizeaid) of the event in reverse chronological order and see a video of the event below:

  • Jones: Structures in place for another century, need an Executive-Legislative Task Force to come up with a new framework
  • Jones: Must find ways to be more efficient and do things more quickly; organized for a different century, makes us less competitive globally
  • Rice: Different jurisdictions in Congress make it difficult to bring security and development together
  • Rice: False dichotomy between what #USAID and #MCC do; both part of broader continuum, different countries need different prescriptions
  • Jones: Need to work with private sector, NGOs, int’l community; development helps avoid future conflict
  • Jones: Development inherently means committing to long term; 3 pillars: economic, security & rule of law
  • Rice: But we also must show how we are making our delivery of assistance more organized and efficient
  • Rice: Foreign assistance for development is important because we don’t want another Afghanistan or allow Yemen to become the next Somalia
  • Rice: #MCC focuses on rule of law, fighting corruption
  • Rice: #MCC and #OPIC are good examples of USG agencies working to foster private-sector growth in developing countries
  • Rice: Gov’t must create environment for foreign direct investment, trade, job creation to spur private-sector growth in development
  • Rice: There are overlapping and complementary roles for public & private sectors
  • Jones: Post WWII was obvious example of importance of global development (Europe, Japan)
  • Jones: NSC has a global dev director, development is a high priority of Sec. Clinton at State
  • Jones: Example of N. Africa, people want more economic opportunities and transparency in governance
  • Jones: Development helps fight radical ideas and terror; world is smaller due to communications, have-nots can see what they don’t have
  • Jim Jones: Development is fundamental part of nat’l security; helps bridge gap between haves & have-not countries
  • Rice: More than moral argument, also about security
  • Rice: Development, defense & democracy go together; must address ungoverned spaces that cannot deliver services to their people
  • Condoleeza Rice: Attack on 9/11 redefined how we thought about security; threats from transnational terrorism, weak & failed states
  • Henrietta Fore: important role of private sector and business in development; development in US nat’l , strategic & humanitarian interests
  • Former Nat’l Security Advisors Jones & Rice and former USAID Administrator Fore launch CSIS Project on US Leadership on Development


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