MFAN Introduces Legislative Standards for Global Development

MFAN has created a set of eight standards to serve as a guide for policymakers as they consider new legislation related to global development.  Though MFAN continues to believe that an overhaul of the 1961 Foreign Assistance Act (FAA) is the most effective way to address today’s challenges, applying the following reform standards to develop­ment-related legislation will help support progress on key reforms. While recognizing these standards may not capture all the nuances of every development policy and program, they serve as a reminder to advocates and policymakers of the need for reform in order for our foreign assistance efforts to properly address the challenges of the 21st century.

MFAN urges policymakers, advocates, and other global development stakeholders to consider the following reform-oriented standards when developing legislative proposals, ensuring that legislation works toward:

  • Achieving an Overarching Global Development Strategy (GDS)
  • Reducing Funding Directives
  • Empowering Developing-Country Citizens through Investment in Local Capacity Building
  • Adopting an Integrated, Coordinated, Long-Term Approach to Development that is Flexible Within and Across Sectors and Agencies
  • Focusing on Impact, Transparency, and Accountability
  • Utilizing and Strengthening Existing Structures and Authorities
  • Partnering with Other Public- and Private-Sector Donors and Actors
  • Relying on Evidence-Based Policies and Analysis and Committing to Rigorous Impact Evaluation

Download a PDF of MFAN’s Standards for Global Development Legislation for more detail on each standard.



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