Partners Speak Out on MFAN’s New Agenda

See below for a collection of quotes from MFAN Principals and Partners on the new agenda and how policymakers can build on already significant reform progress to make U.S. global development efforts more effective at alleviating poverty, eradicating disease, and driving sustainable economic growth in developing countries

Aid reform — the path ahead

The United States government has made real progress in the last few years to make its efforts to fight global poverty more effective. President Obama’s new Global Development Policy, released in September, is the centerpiece of these efforts. The new policy—and implementing reforms at USAID—have been rightly celebrated. But much more remains to be done to make the U.S. a true global leader in the fight against poverty.

MFAN Statement: An Updated Agenda for Foreign Assistance Reform

April 28, 2010 (WASHINGTON) – This statement is delivered on behalf of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network (MFAN) by Co-Chairs David Beckmann, George Ingram, and Jim Kolbe: We are pleased to unveil MFAN’s updated policy agenda for reforming the U.S. approach to global development. Our new guiding document — From Policy to Practice: Maximizing the … Continue reading MFAN Statement: An Updated Agenda for Foreign Assistance Reform

Stimson Center Releases New Report on Security Assistance

“A narrow focus on security in US security assistance programs misses this vital connection. It de-links support for security forces from the need for effective, efficient, and accountable governance. Historically, military and other security forces empowered through security assistance programs in countries with weak governance have too often led to diminished accountability, authoritarian government, military coups, and human rights violations.”

Two Congressman and Global Washington Founder Argue Foreign Aid is a Critical Investment

“Foreign aid is far from wasteful spending: Dollars spent abroad help maintain America’s economic and political leadership, as well as support our vital national-security interests. These programs have amplified benefits for global stability through contributions to poverty alleviation, health and disease prevention, and infrastructure-building worldwide.”

MFAN Calls for Reform of U.S. Development Policy in a Changing Middle East

In the aftermath of significant cuts to the international affairs budget, and as policymakers work to reorient U.S. foreign policy in a tumultuous Middle East and North Africa, the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network (MFAN) has released a new paper arguing for dramatic changes in the way the U.S. develops and implements foreign assistance programs in the region.

MFAN in the News

“During these difficult fiscal times, it’s obviously imperative International Affairs programs, like every other part of our government, are accountable, transparent and results-driven. The good news is that diplomacy and development leaders have been taking concrete steps in that direction for the last several years. These reforms must move forward, but if we fail to invest, they could stop short, wedding us to the old flawed ways of doing business.”

Harnessing Aid and Trade in a Time of Fiscal Austerity

Today’s post is the fifth and final post in a Feed the Future/Reform blog series that MFAN has been coordinating with key members of the community. Click here to read what leaders from the German Marshall Fund of the United States have to say about Feed the Future as it relates to aid and trade.

Tweet Stream: Shah, Yohannes Budget Hearing at SFRC

USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah and MCC CEO Daniel Yohannes appeared in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today for a hearing entitled “International Development Policy Priorities in the FY 2012 Budget.” Video from the hearing can be found here and MFAN’s full live tweet stream of the hearing is below in reverse chronological order: … Continue reading Tweet Stream: Shah, Yohannes Budget Hearing at SFRC