Women’s empowerment — not a partisan issue

Heather Coleman, senior policy advisor on climate change at Oxfam America, recently posted a blog commemorating International Women’s Day and sharing stories about women who inspire her in the developing world. Coleman can relate to the struggles these incredible women face as they try to produce food for their families and communities, as she is a new mother herself.

“As a new mother I’m deeply touched when I hear stories like that of Sahena Begum in Bangladesh who has two children and whose family has been ravaged by increasingly severe and persistent floods. Sahena invests in disaster preparedness measures like flood early warning systems and raising homesteads with a local organization. I wonder how she has time to invest in such efforts with a family to take care of and food to put on the table. Even with a comfortable home, adequate resources, and no direct threat of natural disasters (or at least none that I know of), I barely have enough time to breathe, never mind invest in community development projects.”

“And while Sahena protects her family and community from yet another flood in Bangladesh, a US Congressional budget battle threatens to slash international development funding accounts that build human security in some of the poorest countries in the world. It looks like the House and Senate will agree to a compromise this week that prevents a government shutdown in the immediate term, but it’s still unclear how long this will last and whether international food security and climate finance will be cut in the end.”

To read more about what Oxfam America is doing to help women around the world, click here. For the latest updates on the budget battle, click here.

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