MFAN Partners Sign Letter Urging Congress to Support Global Health Budget

What do doctors, Republicans, and nonprofits that fight poverty and global disease all have in common?

They all support the global health reforms happening right now. As Congress heads into budget deliberations, these folks are urging Congress to support the budget for global health. Check out this letter running in Politico this week:

Letter on Global Health Reforms

The US Global Health Initiative (GHI) continues President Bush’s legacy by:

  • Building on the foundation of PEPFAR’s life-saving programs
  • Reversing the tide of HIV and AIDS and other diseases by helping countries build health systems to tackle their health challenges for themselves.
  • Starting from the premise that poor countries can and must be partners in managing complicated health delivery.
  • Coordinating US government agencies on the ground so patients get the care they need.

To learn more, check out a recent article by Oxfam CEO Ray Offenheiser about the US helping people tackle their health challenges, instead of tackling those challenges for them.

To add your voice to these doctors, Republicans, and nonprofits, just type the message “I support global health” in the comments section.

— Porter McConnell, Aid Effectiveness Team, Oxfam America

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