MFAN Member John Glenn Writes to the Importance of the International Affairs Budget

John GlennJohn Glenn, policy director at MFAN Partner the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC), reminds everyone that foreign aid spending makes up just 1% of our budget in a recent blog post. Given the Gallup/USA Today poll released last week—the latest poll in a string which points to the misconception of foreign aid spending in the U.S.—Glenn argues it’s time for the development community to be better communicators about the importance of the International Affairs budget. Read Glenn’s full piece here and see excerpts below:

“The problem isn’t that we are spending too much on promoting global development, strengthening our alliances, and dealing with global threats. Rather, we must do a better job communicating the actual size and importance of our International Affairs budget. Most Americans may not know that National Security leaders from Secretary of Defense Bob Gates to Joint Chiefs Chair Mike Mullen, as well as 90 percent of currently serving or recently retired officers, believe the military alone is not enough to protect America, and we need the tools of development and diplomacy to keep us safe.”

“As one in five U.S. jobs is related to international trade and nearly half of our exports now go to the developing world, a strong and effective International Affairs budget is critical to our economic prosperity. And when we provide life-saving medications and education to people in the developing world, we are not only demonstrating the best values of America, but ensuring people have real opportunities to succeed.”

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