Bread for the World’s 2011 Offering of Letters

MFAN Partner Bread for the World recently launched their 2011 Offering of Letters to urge Congress to reform U.S. foreign assistance so it is more effective and benefits hungry and poor people globally.

“The main driver of poverty reduction in the world is the hard work of poor people themselves. Given the opportunity to improve their communities and provide a better life for their children, they will seize it,” said Rev. David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World and MFAN Co-Chair. “We need to make sure U.S. foreign aid reaches those who need it most, and that it supports their efforts to lift their communities out of poverty.”

Bread for the World seeks changes on four fronts:

  • A stronger U.S. government focus on reducing poverty.
  • Clearer accountability for how U.S. aid dollars are spent and their results.
  • A transformed U.S. development agency.
  • U.S. aid that meets the needs and wants of local people.

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