MFAN Partners React to QDDR Release

Below are excerpts from MFAN Partners’ statements in reaction to the release of the first-ever Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR) yesterday.  Stay tuned for press coverage of the rollout.

breadMFAN Co-Chair and President of Bread for the World Rev. David Beckmann stated, “The QDDR is an important step in reforming U.S. foreign aid, making U.S. support for development and poverty reduction around the world more effective,” said Rev. David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World. “This is yet another way the administration is showing its dedication to providing effective assistance to people all over the world who desperately need it.”

Sam Worthington, MFAN Principal and President and CEO of InterAction, noted, “QDDR is more than just an acronym. This reviewInteractionseeks to use aid and diplomacy more effectively in order to streamline and better coordinate development to meet our national interests,” said Samuel A. Worthington, president of InterAction, the largest alliance of U.S.-based international NGOs. “We urge Congress to support the many positive changes being proposed and to provide the necessary resources for USAID and the State Department as they implement a new, more effective, approach to global development.”

ONEMFAN Principal and ONE CEO David Lane said, “In tough fiscal times, the business of development must be reformed to make the most of every dollar that America invests to help the world’s poorest. It must also increase transparency and improve governance so that progress is sustainable. The reforms outlined in the QDDR, in addition to ongoing efforts like USAID Forward, are central to making America’s development business model better.”Oxfam

Oxfam America’s Paul O’ Brien, vice president of policy and advocacy campaigns, commented, “The QDDR is animportant step in reaffirming the efforts to modernize USAID and further elevate it as ‘the world’s premier development agency.  But the document leaves open the question of how the United States will resolve situations where diplomacy and development will require different approaches and tradeoffs.”

USGLCMFAN Principal and Executive Director of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition Liz Schrayer said, “The QDDR represents a bold step towards implementing a smart power foreign policy by elevating our civilian power and ensuring effective, results-driven programs,” said USGLC Executive Director Liz Schrayer.  “This review can help ensure international affairs programs continue to make a critical impact in advancing our national security and economic interests.”

Women Thrive Worldwide logoMFAN Principal Ritu Sharma, President and Co-founder of Women Thrive Worldwide, noted, “This common-sense approach is a fundamental game-changer for millions of women and girls in villages around the world. What this means is that all programs that the U.S. implements moving forward, worth tens of billions of dollars, have to take the needs and voices of women and girls into account. We have long advocated a move beyond the special, small, separate women’s projects.”

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