New Stimson Center Blog Explores Tight Budgets and Security Priorities

The Stimson Center recently launched a new blog, The Will and the Wallet, as part of its Budgeting for Foreign Affairs and Defense program.  The blog will serve as a hub for analysis and research of the elements of foreign affairs including budgets, institutions, structures, and authorities in an attempt to offer solutions for how the US can enhance its civilian capacity at a time of limited resources.  Moreover, it supports the program’s mission to “strengthen the capacity and capability of the US government to frame, resource, and execute foreign and national security policies and programs.”  Gordon Adams, Professor at the School of International Service at American University and Distinguished Fellow at the Stimson Center, heads up the blog.

The posts thus far cover a range of national security issues, from development aid to cybersecurity.  Follow the links below to read some of the blogs, particularly the  potential priorities of the 112th Congress and a review of the Presidential Policy Directive (PPD):

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