New Report Looks at Effectiveness of Donor Aid

Today, MFAN Partners the Center for Global Development (CGD) and the Global Economy and Development project at Brookings released a new report analyzing the Quality of Official Development Assisitance or QuODA.  The report describes QuDOA as an “assessment of the quality of ODA provided by 23 countries and more than 150 aid countries.”  The analysis uses 30 indicators over four dimensions based on the international consensus on quality aid.  The four dimensions include:

  • Maximizing efficiency
  • Fostering institutions
  • Reducing Burden
  • Transparency and Learning

The report features an online interactive graph in which you can select individual donor countries and compare the effectiveness of their aid provided across the dimensions.  Ultimately, the report is aimed at measuring the effectiveness of aid in areas controlled by official donors and agencies, making it easier to reform.  The authors – CGD president Nancy Birdsall and deputy director of the Global Economic and Development project at Brookings Homi Kharas – hope to produce a new QuODA report annually.  Here more about the report on CGD’s Wonkcast here and check back later for more on this new initiative.

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