IGD’s Perspective on the PPD

See below for a blog post from MFAN Partner the Initiative for Global Development (IGD) on how the Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development (PPD) aligns with IGD’s policy reforms:

New Development Policy – A Big Step Forward

September 29th, 2010

President Obama’s announcement last week of a new U.S. Global Development Policy was a big step toward a more effective and more coherent approach to spurring economic growth and reducing poverty around the world.  As called for in IGD’s Business Case for Foreign Aid Reform and in the recent post by Tim Solso and Terry McGraw, the new policy directive makes the following key changes:

  • Starts with a clear strategy that prioritizes sustainable economic growth and brings together all of the government’s trade, aid and investment tools into a coherent whole.
    • The Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) calls for the formulation of a U.S. Global Development Strategy every four years, the elevation of broad-based economic growth as a top priority, and the creation of an Interagency Policy Committee to set priorities and coordinate development policy
  • Emphasizes results, ensuring that U.S. investments have the greatest impact.
    • The PPD calls for increased investment in game-changing innovations, holding recipients accountable for achieving development results, and using impact analyses to drive policy and practice.
  • Invests for success by rebuilding the U.S. Government’s development capability.
    • The PPD calls for the re-establishment of the United States as the global leader on international development, specifically by reinvigorating USAID to be the world’s premier development agency, strengthening the Millennium Challenge Corporation and better coordinating its efforts with USAID, and drawing more effectively on the contributions of other U.S. government agencies to support U.S. development policy.

These reforms have the potential to dramatically improve the impact of U.S. development programs. IGD looks forward to working with the Administration and the Congress to ensure that the implementation of U.S. global development policy follows the reforms outlined by the president and the promise of a new way to do business is fulfilled.

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