“Do good things and let people know you’re doing them.”

Mark Green, Ambassador and Congressman (ret.) wraps up his blog series “Why Conservatives Should Care About Foreign Assistance Reform” with Reason # 10: Since fighting the threat of terrorism is one of this generation’s greatest challenges, we need to sharpen those tools that can help prevent violent extremism from spreading and growing.

Best of @ModernizeAid Tweets

Last week, the Twitterverse witnessed a spike in global development topics thanks to the UN Millennium Development Goals Summit and the Clinton Global Initiative; see #MDGs, #USMDG2010, and #CGI for more.  MFAN live tweeted important speeches—particularly President Obama’s speech outlining a new U.S. Global Development Policy—and worked to keep the conversation going, while highlighting reform-related … Continue reading Best of @ModernizeAid Tweets

Women First: The GHI’s Women- and Girl-Centered Approach

Two weeks ago MFAN launched a blog series about the reform aspects of the Global Health Initiative (GHI) with a guest post by the Global Health Council. Click here to read a post by The International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC) about the GHI’s Women- and Girl- Centered Approach.

A Week in Review: America’s First-ever Global Development Policy

This was an incredible week for MFAN, the broader development community, and those struggling for a better life worldwide.  With the world turned toward Turtle Bay for the Millennium Development Goals Summit and the UN General Assembly, as well as thought leaders from all over just across town at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), development … Continue reading A Week in Review: America’s First-ever Global Development Policy

SFRC Chairman Kerry Ready to Enact Reforms in New Development Policy

Senate Foreign Relations Committee John Kerry yesterday released a press release expressing his enthusiasm for President Obama’s new development policy, calling it “a comprehensive development policy based on measurable outcomes, country ownership, sustainable economic growth and multilateralism – a policy that will build capacity in the developing world, not dependence.”

Let’s Celebrate…and Then Hold the President Accountable

What was your reaction to President Obama’s speech at the MDG summit yesterday unveiling the administration’s new global development policy? We would love to hear from you! In the meantime…see what other development experts are saying.