Nation Building Works

“The U.S. venture into Iraq was a war, but it was also a nation-building exercise. America has spent $53 billion trying to reconstruct Iraq, the largest development effort since the Marshall Plan. So how’s it working out?”

Shah Visits Floods in Pakistan

On Wednesday, USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah visited Pakistan to witness the damage caused by severe flooding.  On USAID’s Impact Blog, Shah described his view from the helicopter: “As far as the eye could see, foundations and buttresses supported nonexistent houses and bridges, power lines lay hopelessly tangled on the ground, and roads destroyed and washed … Continue reading Shah Visits Floods in Pakistan

Guest Post: Mapping for Results Initiative

The following is a guest post from AidData researchers Alena Stern and Josh Powell. This post, which first appears on AidData’s First Tranche blog, looks at the Mapping for Results Initiative – a partnership between AidData and the World Bank that explores coordination between donors and recipients of aid. The post specifically analyzes data from Kenya and Mozambique

USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah Speaks at a Global Washington Event

On August 13th, nearly 500 people gathered at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle, WA to hear USAID Administrator Shah discuss the role of technology and innovation in development with a panel of leaders from the local development community.   In Administrator Shah’s opening remarks he emphasized USAID’s commitment to evidence-based development strategies and the need for … Continue reading USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah Speaks at a Global Washington Event

Noteworthy News – Pakistan Floods

See below for a sampling of opinion pieces and news articles discussing the floods in Pakistan and the disaster’s implications for security and development: Pakistan’s tragic flooding demands an international response (The Washington Post editorial, August 17) There is a strategic case for aiding Pakistan in this time of crisis. Timely, generous assistance could improve America’s … Continue reading Noteworthy News – Pakistan Floods

Trade and Aid for Effective Foreign Assistance

While Americans sometimes complain that foreign assistance is merely a “giveaway” (a view to which I do NOT subscribe), robust trade is mutually beneficial – it boosts OUR job creators and entrepreneurs as well as allowing them to compete in an increasingly challenging commercial world. This potential benefit has never been more important: developing countries are the fastest growing markets for American goods and services. They already account for 40% of our export markets.

Secretary Clinton Speaks about GHI at SAIS

“So therefore, we must be strategic and make evidence-based decisions in targeting the most dangerous threats, to ensure that our investments that, after all, come from the American taxpayer, deliver results. And we must also must stay focused on the long-term picture – not only addressing the urgent needs that people have today but building the foundation for better health tomorrow and for the next generation.”

PSD to be Released Next Month?

“If we can continue to show things are really effective, generate results with the dollars and take efficiency very, very seriously, I believe Americans want to do more.”

Guest Post: Richard Morford on the MCC as a Model for Foreign Aid Reform

See the guest post below from Richard Morford, former Managing Director for Donor and Multilateral Relations at the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). What Foreign Aid Reform Can Learn from the Millennium Challenge Account Richard A. Morford The Millennium Challenge Account (MCA), the major experiment in reform of development assistance of the Bush Administration was designed … Continue reading Guest Post: Richard Morford on the MCC as a Model for Foreign Aid Reform