MFAN Partners React to $4 billion Cuts to President’s Development Budget

MFAN’s members have been out in force reacting to the House of Representatives decision to cut $4 billion from President Obama’s request for the International Affairs Budget, which funds the civilian instruments of U.S. global engagement, particularly foreign aid.  See below for some key reactions from MFAN’s Partners:

USGLCU.S. Global Leadership Coalition – “USGLC Disappointed with House Cuts to International Affairs Budget” (Andy Amsler): USGLC released the following statement from Executive Director and MFAN Principal Liz Schrayer saying, “The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) is greatly disappointed that House Appropriators have cut funding for the International Affairs Budget and is concerned about the impact this will have on our national and economic security.  Now is not the time to shortchange our non-military tools of development and diplomacy given today’s global challenges.”

CGDCenter For Global Development – “House Cuts President’s FY2011 Development Budget” (Sarah Jane Staats): “House appropriators marked up the FY2011 foreign affairs spending bill at $52.656  billion yesterday. The subcommittee mark up is roughly $4 billion above last year’s enacted levels, but also $4 billion below the president’s request for FY2011. My takeaway: this budget looks like more of the same and is a long way from a new approach to global development.”

ONEONE – “Taking a Step Back on America’s Commitments” (Sheila Nix): “Congress has decided to step back on America’s commitments to a global food security initiative — a decision that will have a ripple effect on budgets to come… ONE hopes that Congress will continue America’s world leadership in difficult times, restore the International Affairs budget, and keep its commitments to the most vulnerable people in the world.”

What do you think about the House decision to cut the International Affairs Budget?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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