MFAN Partner Weighs in on National Security Strategy

sarah-jane-staatsIn a new post on CGD’s Rethinking U.S. Foreign Assistance blog, MFAN member Sarah Jane Staats reviews the Obama Administration’s first-ever National Security Strategy, released last week.  She notes the focus on being strong at home — through education, health care, and technology and innovation — in order to lead abroad, as well as the importance of leveraging partners and multilateral institutions.  Staats also calls attention to the need to work with Congress, a factor that very much plays into the foreign assistance reform debate.  Read the full blog post here or see an excerpt after the jump:

The challenge is how to put the national security strategy’s priorities and principles into practice. My colleagues have a few ideas on climatetrademigration, and the U.S. role in the international institutions that identify the synergies in U.S. and global development interests. The bigger question is how to craft what the strategy calls a “whole of government approach” that can coordinate planning and policymaking and create “a deliberate and inclusive interagency process” to “balance and integrate all elements of American power and update our national security capacity for the 21st century.”

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