MFAN Partner Save Releases New Report on Country Ownership

Save the Children LogoToday, MFAN Partner Save the Children released a brief four-page paper on steps the U.S. can take to support country ownership, “Supporting Local Ownership and Building National Capacity:  Applying a flexible and country-based approach to aid instruments.”  The report focuses on ways to build national capacity and strengthen local ownership, while balancing the risks of country-driven programs.  Save recommends three steps that will lead to better results for U.S. investments in development:

  • Adopt a flexible country-by-country approach to development practices;
  • Empower its field missions with greater authority and capacity to use the range of aid mechanisms in a graduated fashion; and
  • Increase its efforts to build the capacity and accountability of host nation and society institutions.

The report pushes fundamental reform principles, including increased donor coordination, stronger partnerships among donors and recipients, and donor flexibility and greater transparency by limiting the number of presidential initiatives and earmarks that clutter aid programs.  The report also includes examples of different U.S. approaches to development that have yielded positive results.  This report is a companion piece to Save’s previous paper focusing on work with local NGOs.

Save-Funding under USAID plans

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