MFAN Principal argues it’s “time to make foreign assistance work”

Ritu SharmaYesterday in the Huffington Post, MFAN Principal and Women Thrive Worldwide co-founder and President Ritu Sharma noted the significant strides made in foreign assistance reform since President Obama took office in January 2009.  These measures, she said, have laid the groundwork to make U.S. foreign assistance more efficient and effective, but more reform needs to happen before it can begin to have a real impact on the ground and improve the livelihoods of men and women worldwide.  To ensure that momentum for reform is maintained for a new year, Sharma issued the following call to action that cites the development community grassroots effort aimed at the White House:

“To ensure that the voices of the millions of Betildes around the world are not forgotten, the entire international development community, coordinated by the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network (MFAN), is asking thousands of Americans to sign on to a petition to our government asking for the U.S. to give development a strong voice in U.S. foreign policy decisions and to reform our assistance to alleviate global poverty and disease. The petition will be delivered to the White House and show our elected representatives that even as we escalate our military involvement in Afghanistan, Americans care about investments that help people living in poverty worldwide.”

Take a minute to sign the petition and let the White House know it’s time to make aid work.

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